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Russell Hill on his spiritual adventures in NYC: Vision for IGNITE

During 2013 I had a powerful experiences with a campfire shamanistic event. I felt as if I had to become a phoenix and rise from the ashes. This shift happened at a psychiatric ward in New Jersey where I prayed to god to make me a phoenix so I could rise from the ashes and take my life back. With the strong intent to rebuild my life and make a difference in the world I began to take back control of my mind and life. I rebuilt my friendships and family connections, started college again, and got back to my job. Years later I started a close friendship with my co-founder Hakeem Jones. We realized we had the same calling to start conscious gatherings where we could all come together to figure out our destiny. We spoke of deep truths, entrepreneurship, inter-dimensional travel and the spark within. We also developed a philosophy and style of energy work focused on awaking inner potential and the spark of light within. We were also inspired by the planes walkers philosophy of magic the gathering as it reflected of our own struggles, experience and abilities.


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Within every being is a spark of pure light, pure genius and, unlimited potential.

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