About   Russell Hill


Leader of IGNITE


Russell Hill graduated Magna Cum Laude from the City College of New York with a bachelors degree in psychology.  In addition, Russell has attained the distinction of third degree black belt in Kokushi-ryu Jujutsu. 
Russell has been meditating and practicing yoga and martial arts for 21 years. He is a certified meditation instructor, hypnotherapist and sound healer. Russell is also a certified Reiki Master and Reiki Master teacher in Usui Reiki.
Russell works with singing bowls and has certification in the fundamentals of singing bowls and in using singing bowls for energy work. He also has a certificate in Nada yoga which is the yoga of sound, a certificate in lucid dreaming, a certificate in astral projection and has certification in life coaching.
Russell is a neurodiverse meditation instructor, speaker, and advocate for the rights and inclusion of neurodiverse individuals.
Russell works part time as a meditation specialist for a non-profit called Job Path. Job Path is a organization that supports people with developmental disabilities as they make choices about their lives and play valued roles in their communities. Russell also leads two weekly  mindfulness classes for Job Path.
Russell also works part time for the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in the education department.
Russell believes strongly that love is love.
Russell completed the 2020 New York City Marathon. He learned many lessons of self care during this endeavor.
Russell led two assistive technology expos at The City College of New York that featured assistive technology from Microsoft and many inventors with the help of City College's accessibility club and his advisor. Russell has spoken at various events and spoke at and led a meditation for a mindfulness expo.
Russell is also a artist who has been featured in various art galleries and his art has moved many souls. Recently, Russell sold one of his art pieces and intends to sell many more. Some photos of Russell's art is in the gallery section of this website. Along with his art Russell also sells crystals and books.

In IGNITE Consciousness Gatherings, Russell Hill offers private and corporate meditation events, energy healing, and motivational workshops for companies and other organizations.

The next IGNITE Consciousness Gathering and meditation will be done via Zoom.

Due to the the pandemic IGNITE Consciousness Gatherings will be stronger then ever. The stars are brightest in the dark. We must be strong.

"Wishing you love, peace, and good times. Let's make magic happen"

Russell Charles Hill