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The two friends had a calling to figure out creative solutions for a better way of living in this world. In response to this calling, they decided to open a channel of conversation for kind-hearted, open-minded people so that they could all work together to change the course of humanity. 

Throughout our gatherings we have done Reiki, meditation, and even hosted art shows. We have also developed a community of people who meet inside and outside our events to share friendship, energy, and wisdom.


Community gatherings are held in various locations around the city including studios, residences, and universities. I'm currently doing gatherings via zoom and in person throughout NYC.



Through this circle of support, we have been able to help each other in different areas of our lives, giving those dealing with hard times a group that expresses great love, care, and sincerity.



Meditation and motivational workshops are available to companies interested in hosting events on corporate sites. Contact me for rates.


Russell has had the gift of healing since a young age and has learned to channel his gift through many years of training. Russell offers training in the healing arts which includes Reiki training and healing.

If you are interested in doing Reiki with me contact me and I will let you know my rates.



During a gathering the group engages in guided visualization and useful discourse about individual life issues and experiences, while looking through a spiritual lens. 


Gatherings include a guided meditation uniquely designed to help bring out ones potential as well as healing and energy work. We also have down time where we mingle and share energy.

IGNITE expands beyond official gatherings as it is a energy and community of its own. We also offer and have done IGNITE meditations and energy work throughout the world.

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