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"IGNITE Consciousness Gatherings does many great things on multiple levels all at the same time. This company has a strong positive impact on everyone that goes to see Russell the company’s founder for services. It ignites the fire that exists within us already. Our inner strength. Let me tell you how.

Russell teaches us how to hone our inner strength more. In one on one sessions. In group sessions as well. Furthermore, he teaches you how to maintain balance in life. The greatest lesson of all that Russell teaches is how you can overcome immense obstacles in your life."

Bryan Wigfall

Public Servant and Leader

"I have been training with Russell and have been seeing amazing results in my abilities and myself. I have always subconsciously known that I had a gift to heal, but didn't realize it until I met Russell and he saw it as well.


The attunement process was very in-depth and I tried my best to practice on myself every day. I went from not really knowing what I was doing to really seeing a difference in myself. I could feel myself working on my energy and connecting to it much more easily, especially when I meditated before practicing. I now am in Reiki 2 and feel much more confident in my abilities.


I'm excited to start practicing on people as well as continue to practice raising my own vibrations. It's all thanks to Russell and his dedication and 1:1 coaching that I was able to achieve this so quickly. He always made sure to check in on me and gave me direction when I needed it. Definitely a kind, helpful, and patient teacher."


Thanks Russell!


Sam K.

Reiki Master

"Russell is a very compassionate soul with the bandwidth to be able to hold space for a diverse group of people and make everyone feel valid and united. His ability to keep a group focused on the task while having fun and igniting passion is admirable. He is an amiable and kind guide, always approachable to answer questions."

Lulu Pajor

Professional Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist

"I’ve known Russell since pre-school and he’s always had a positive and optimistic personality. He has explored meditation, yoga, Jujustu and spiritual practices from a very young age. I’ve seen him turn from an impulsive, super-energetic teenager to a calm, patient and more reflective young man.


Although I’m no expert in meditation I’ve seen Russell teach meditation workshops and found him to be a supportive, encouraging and flexible teacher who welcomes anyone with a genuine interest.  Take the leap!"


Prue A.

"Russell has an amazing ability to tap into your energy field and scan exactly where you may be having imbalances. He is a very talented and gifted healer and has helped me work through many blockages in my body. He is especially great in channeling high frequency healing energy to help you come back into equilibrium. I highly recommend his Reiki healings!"

Rina G


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