• Russell Hill

My Insights of this crisis

As you all know society is on hold right now. We are all struggling against fear including myself. In these recent days I have been meditating and training more then ever. I am trying to make the best out of a tough time. One thing that it helps me is to think of the dolphins in Venice and the clear skies in China due to the lack of pollution caused by human quarantine.

Hopefully Soon Chinese children will breath there first breath of clean air and Italian grandmas will marvel as their children and grandchildren marveling at the sight of dolphins and fish. As I feel many of us are afraid and that is okay. We are also braver and stronger then we've ever been. I hope this helps us live more sustainably and appreciate connection and our loved ones more then ever and I think it will. I believe this whole crisis on a higher level is the earth energy giving itself and us time to recover, recharge, and energize on a whole new level.

I really think this is gonna be a blessing ultimately and I hope as little suffering happens as possible for this to happen. I really believe this crisis will end and when I does things will be better then ever for all species and all dimensions connected with this abundant planet.

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