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Russell Hill on his spiritual adventures in NYC

I recently started working at the Intrepid air sea and space museum and I am really enjoying it. My office has a beautiful view of the sea. I always have loved planes, flying and space and have always loved the Intrepid museum. I am still on my spiritual quest and am very happy and proud to seeing various students advance rapidly with there abilities. I was also really happy to support the Perez sisters Alex and Rosangel with their amazing event. During the event I received great healing and motivation and was even asked to speak. Their events are amazing. The drums and dancing was also very profound. I really let go of some blocks on the dance floor. I am still working on my business. In fact I recently completed my logo for IGNITE consciousness gatherings and I am having a art show and IGNITE meditation Sunday.


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Within every being is a spark of pure light, pure genius and, unlimited potential.

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